Kids In The Spotlight’s Second Annual Red-Carpet Fundraiser Showcases and Awards 10-Minute Films Created by, Written by, Cast by and Starring Kids!

This second festival held on saturday October 29, 2011 was a smashing hit. Building on the momentum from last years crop of kid inspired films, the participants this year hit on some tough topics. Raising awareness of the K.I.T.S. organization, this event culminates a year helping kids to fulfil their dreams through film.

This year was no different when it came to stars lending their support. Host Harry J. Lennix and Tatiyana Ali hosted as star after star presented the kids Jordan Awards for categories from Best Actress to Best Film. (check out pictures from that night)  

The films again will be sold in a compilation to the public to help raise more money for the continuation of the work of Kids In The Spotlight. The Los Angeles Public Library has also bought copies of this years films and the public can checked them out for viewing..

7 Short Films Season 2 (2011)

A brief synopsis of each film is below.


18 Years

(Drama) A teenage basketball star looks to follow in his father’s footsteps until he discovers a secret he thinks may tear his family apart.


Camp Little Cub

(Scary Comedy) It’s okay to be scared when your friends are there with you.


Life At The Claymores

(Drama) What do you do when a bully targets you to pick on? Fight or flight?



(Drama) Chilling account of what happens when 17-year old Rose confronts her own dark side.


Pretty Wings

(Drama) Triumphant tale of a high school student who through dance learns to soar above a painful relationship.



(Drama) Travis learns that using super powers to get revenge on a bully is not the best way to use his powers.


This Boy’s Dream

(Drama) A boy and his drug addicted mother rise from teh ashes of a tortured relationship to discover dreams really can come true.